Justice Abused

Justice Abused

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A personal note to my readers

There comes a moment in a protective mothers life, when she realizes her children are no longer hers. This moment is something that will forever scar both children and mother. As mothers we are born with the knowledge that keeping these children safe and nurtured is simply,the act of a mother. For us we have been in the biggest fights of our lives. The fight to save our children from abuse, perpetrated by controlling, abusive, manipulative men. This is not a propoganda ploy of man hating women, this is a fight to show the world that this is real, children, women, sisters,mothers,daughters,sons,brothers,men are being killed, abused,assaulted and torn from the very Mother's and Women put there to nuture and protect them. Please take a look, Educate yourself with facts, and help us stop the horror of not being heard or believed. And moreover keep our children and our selves safe. The only way to do this is to expose the truth of Judicial Misconduct in the Family Court System. The abuse of power perpetrated by our very own Federal and State Governments.Listen, please readers,I acknowledge that this happens to men as well, understand this. I have witnessed with my own eyes the sad, hurtful,destructive things that have been slung at men. I know beyond this that we must come to some mutual understanding! Educate yourselves, then make the decision. I enjoy hearing from you.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Claudine Dombrowski The True Story

So here comes some more truth to suck on, If you have been wondering just what would motivate a woman to spend her days talking about abuse, here it is. Her name is Claudine. She has been a victim of domestic violence. The horrific damage done to her is here in the pictures i will share with you.

My God Do You See That?  **************

What would possibly posses someone to smash someone in the face like that?

Okay Now Take A Look At This 

You must be wondering now.....but wait I am not through. Oh what sweetness, holding her premature baby in the infant NICU. Oh My, look at that eye! What a nice punch that must have been! Smile Claudine! ........

Are you sick yet? No?  Well let me tell you something, For 11 years Claudine has been fighting for custody of her daughter. The man who did this was given CUSTODY of the minor child RIKKI.

Now understand this is happening here in the U.S.A. It isn't some foreign country, right here in the midwest. Kansas State for a fact. Seems to me something really ugly is going on there, well everywhere to be factual.
Now if these photos are not enough let me show just one more.

Unreal, a child's casket being used as a coffee table, and behind the sofa on the wall a gun! What is most disturbing is that the man who did this has total custody. So folks let the facts speak for themselves. Disturbed yet?


Children Learn What They Live

Children Learn What They Live